We have decided dedicate this first awpcp.org pinhole edition to the sensey Eric Renner. A big impulsor of Pinhole Photograpy around the world. Visit his amazing work at ericrennerphoto.com – R.I.P.

World’s Pinhole Crazy People

A.W.P.C.P is a non-profit association, created in April 2020 between Alfonso de Castro and Joan Linux, two passionate about pinhole photography.


First of all, the purpose of creating this collective is to organize, virtually, the Worldwide Pinhole Photography -Self Confined- Day 2020. Being in a world of confinement, it is impossible to organize any kind of photo-cultural activity at a physical location, we have decided to take this initiative in pursuit of proselytizing and continuing to make known the virtues of the oldest photographic technique.


So you are all invited to take part in the Word Pinhole Photography -Self Confined- Day 2020, as well as the initiatives we hope to launch soon.

We are just in time, so for now the most important thing is to be able to make, as successfully as possible, this first virtual Pinhole event.

Obviously we are open to proposals, collaborations and any ideas that may be of interest to us to help spread and extend the knowledge of pinhole photography and general photography.


photo by alfondc

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day’s Countdown



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